The Jack Mikkelson Newsletter

"And what would you do if two angry bears came pounding on your door, demanding that you hurry out to meet them?" That's the dilemma for Bovodar Yarkery, who is confronted one day with a gathering of bears who wish to carry him off on their grand adventure. Across hazardous deserts, through caverns, and far up through the forests into the cold North, there stands Kalas Hall, home of an evil polar bear lord, King Valemod. The path is long, perilous, and uncertain, but if Bovodar & the Bears succeed in their mission, untold glory and riches can be theirs... but only if they can overcome the dangers that await them.

Well, folks, I'm starting up a newsletter to discuss the new edition of my book, Bovodar and the Bears, as well as other related projects. If you are interested in being on the newsletter list, then fill out the newsletter form below.

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